Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jerangkang ohh Jerangkang... 26/27 Mac 2011

Jasad dh balik KL tp hati masih kt sana... mcm tulah gambaran kitorg ber6 mase on d way balik aritu.. memorable & unforgetable experience.. of course for my hubby and i, we feels like zaman bercinta dulu.. Iffah mane eh?? haha.. for the 1st time we left Iffah with her babysitter.. hoping she will be safely taking care... hajat di hati mmg nk bwk dia.. but since we will staying a night in the jungle... so maybe next time.. when she besar sikit...

Mereka2 ini melepaskan gian with the canoe of course... bersusah payah menjinjing kayak from the main camp site to the 2nd level of the waterfall... its all worth it..

This kind of photos is a must in any activities.. and its not easy to get the best shot.. almost 10jumps only than we get it.. sakit giler kaki..

Feeling like 7 years back at the same place...

And last but not least.. the reccee team.. Jakpo, Uz, Wari, Ayuz, Najmah & Ira.

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