Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lumut oh Lumut..

This is not the story of lumut yg kaler hijau tu eh...heheh... ni cerite our unplanned trip to Lumut..

ini adelah persertanya... let me introduce.. from the left is my abang ipar and his 2nd son, Aniq.. my one and only mother, my 63yo father (dah 60 thn tp masih nmpk steady...huhu), my younger sister, Huda... my elder sister, Nani... my beloved husband of course... my Iman Arissa... Pn Ayu (sayelah tu..heheh).. my Iffah Ardini.. and the last one is my sister's eldest son, Amirul...

On the way to Lumut, we stop by here.. Cendol Bakar at Kuala Selangor.. what a variety of cendol they have.. we tried Cendol Durian Pulut and Cendol VVIP.. memang kawwww.. on the way home pon singgah jugak..

disbbkn semua homestay dah fully booked, so my father asked my uncle to find a budget hotel.. its kinda freak once my uncle got 3 rooms for only RM50 per room.. hmmm.. we got there around 8pm.. once we reach the hotel area... it was really scary... whoa!! the location is just after Lumut Bus Station.. biar betul my uncle ni.. once we go upstairs, mmg relief.. tgk bilik pon, quite nice..  lupe plak name hotel ni.. sori eh.. 

Stop by at Pantai Teluk Batek... mmg xmenarik utk mandi manda.. pantainye mcm xberjaga je.. sampah sana sini... but what to expect.. dh sampai kan.. so just let my princess trying the air masin.. 

Cik Iman bersantai.. dgn botolnye..

Sempat jugak singgah sini.. Medan Ikan Bakar Teluk Muroh.. nearby Marina Cove..

Cuci mate kat Esplanade Lumut..

that's the story.. 3days, 2nights trip to Lumut... not to forgot.. since this trip was unplanned, we missed to meet my ex-roomate.. heheh.. kitorg ke Lumut, dia plak ke Penang.. next time lah ye.. dulu jumpe in 2011, cik Iman dalam perut..


  1. dh jumpe la iman masa bukak pose last year..huhu

  2. bukak pose last year.. kat mane eh?? hmmm.. owh... tula.. aku rs mcm ade je jumpa... tp mmg xingat langsung.. heheh